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Career Development for Managers, Leaders, and Professionals: Making the Most of What You Have and More of What You Don’t

Do you really want that promotion? Will the boss include you in the group of people groomed to manage the new offices? Does management appreciate your efforts at work? Read on and find out what the boss is looking for in the perpetual whitewater of the "information age."

More than ever before, executives and corporate managers are extolling the importance of developing the key people in their organizations. They’ve known for the better part of a decade that business in this fast-paced world will rise and fall based on how well they manage their human resource portfolio. Why? Because productivity is about performance, and performance is about people!

That means they are looking to see how well you develop the talents you were born with, and how well you build up the ones you weren’t. Continued...

Run Towards Fear: A Prescription For Success

Fear, or negative anxiety, is the modern day bubonic plague, infecting millions upon millions of people. It spreads with viral effect, and leaves behind consequences of mediocrity and regret. This “plague” is partly due to societal influences (particularly in a post-9/11 era) and partly due to individual issues (the tendency to avoid confrontation of that which we fear). However, whatever the cause, a vaccine is available, and it isn't running away on a holiday. It takes the form of moving towards that which we are most afraid of. Immediately.

Fear as an acronym stands for “False Evidence Appearing Real”. This false evidence can take many forms, but the key is that it appears real. We perceive something to be scarier than it really is. One good example can be found in sports, when we fear losing (or failing). Think about it: Is there really anything to be scared of? If you do in fact lose, what then will happen? Sure, it might be painful, but hasn’t everyone lost at one point or another in competition? Of course! So why fear losing if it happens to everyone? Not only is fear of losing or failure a waste of time-it also puts you in a reactive, more passive mode of competing. Reactive, passive competitors are more likely to perform poorly in a competitive environment. So don’t waste your time fearing losing. Continued..

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