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Marketing yourself with internal and external promotions

Being in control of your career and promoting yourself can dissolve dissatisfaction by providing more career options and opening more doors to opportunity. Statistically speaking, you are likely to be dissatisfied with your present situation. The question is, what are you doing about it?

Volunteering on committees or with non-profit organizations (whether internally or externally) or offering your capabilities when your employer shows a need can educate you on new topics. While learning on the job or within a volunteer position, you’ll likely uncover opportunities through continued personal growth or by networking with individuals you wouldn’t have met through your existing channels. Added responsibilities will show management that you are serious on saving the company money, or that you care about your community. Executives and business managers want to see measurable results from employees, so I recommend making the effort to step up to the plate.

The benefits of self-marketing can far outweigh the time needed to do so; I’ll outline just how in this story about a salesman. If a sales rep out-produces colleagues with over $2 million in yearly sales, then the company probably won’t mind paying upwards of six figures to keep this employee happy, right? The company is experiencing a very favorable return on investment, and the employee is trained, independent, and compensated well. It’s a win/win situation. Continued... (Also see: Marketing Your Business with Promotional Products parts 1 and 2)

10 Ideas to Jump Start Your Self-Confidence

To begin feeling that first spark of self-confidence within you, try as many of these as you like. It's important to enjoy yourself along the way. Have fun! 1. Correctly do 25 pushups, 50 sit-ups, or 1 cartwheel. 2. Learn all of the words to a fun new song on the radio and sing it aloud while driving down the road. 3. Open up your cookbook to a completely new recipe and learn to cook it well. 4. Learn how to say, "I love you" in two different languages other than your own. 5. Teach someone how to read, how to fish, or how to play a musical instrument. 6. Look inside a thesaurus to find new ways to say the same old things. 7. Find three funny jokes and learn to tell them really well. 8. Get a makeover, new hairstyle, or all new socks & underwear. 9. Learn how to say, "I'm sorry" and mean it. 10. Look into the eyes of strangers and hold their gaze long enough to see the insecurity in all of us. More tips and ideas can be found in Beyond the Inner Critic by Skye Thomas.

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