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Remodeling the Basement

For those who love their home and it's location, but need another bedroom, bathroom, or an entertainment area --- remodeling is the logical option.

Move or Remodel? The decision to move or remodel comes down to calculating the total costs of moving and compare them to the total costs of remodeling. Read more about whether to move or remodel.

Remodeling could enhance the value of your home and enable you to recoup a significant percentage of the cost of the remodeling project. According to the "Remodeling Online" 2004 Survey, on average you can expect to recover the following percentages:

Bathroom addition 86%
Bathroom addition 81%
Bathroom remodel 86%
Bathroom remodel 90%
Major kitchen remodel 80%
Major kitchen remodel 79%
Basement remodel 76%
Family room addition 81%
Siding replacement 93%
Window replacement 84%
Window replacement 85%
Master suite 78%
Master suite 80%
Roof replacement 81%
Sunroom Addition 71%


What pitfalls should you expect? No matter how well you plan, you may discover deficiencies in your existing home that need to be fixed before you can proceed with the project. Structural deficiencies & Environmental deficiencies.
Why Have a Final Walk-through? You evaluate whether the remodeling project meets your expectations. Remember, your final payment to your builder is due once the project meets your satisfaction. Read more about the final walk-through.


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