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In today’s hot housing market, the right mix of home improvements can add up to big profits for the homeowner or investor. Whether you are buying a second home as an investment or just sprucing up your own property, it is important to know which home improvements provide the best return on investment and the greatest increase in home value. Below is a list of some of the least expensive and most profitable home improvement projects.

-Painting – New paint, on both the interior and exterior of the home, is one of the simplest, yet most overlooked home improvements of all. It is amazing what a fresh coat of paint can do to enhance a home’s curb appeal, and how a home looks from the street plays a big role in its eventual selling price. Interior paint can be a very inexpensive and cost effective way to enhance the value of a home as well. Any area of the home where the paint is faded, peeling, cracking or just unattractive can benefit from a fresh coat of paint. Best of all, painting is the one home improvement project every homeowner can do. All that is needed is a bucket, some rollers, some drop cloths, some imagination and of course some paint.

-Landscaping – Like painting, beautiful landscaping plays a huge role in the curb appeal of any home. Every home can be enhanced by a well placed flower bed, some fresh shrubbery and a few trees. If the landscaping around the home looks drab and dingy, it could benefit from a fresh planting. Just like painting, planting and landscaping is well within the skills of most homeowners.

-Hardwood floors – Tearing up old, dirty or worn out carpet and replacing it with new hardwood flooring is one of the least expensive and most valuable of all home improvements. Many home buyers prefer the elegance and ease of cleaning of hardwood floors to carpets, and this one change can enhance a home’s value many thousands of dollars. This is doubly true if the existing carpet is stained or fouled with pet and other odors. Removing unsightly carpet and replacing it with new flooring is a great way to enhance the value of any home.

-Kitchen remodeling – The kitchen is one of the most popular spots in any home, and updating an old kitchen with new modern appliances is a great way to get more money out of any home. New stainless steel appliances are always a hit, and the value they add means they more than pay for themselves.

-Central heating – Adding a central heating and air conditioning system is a great way to both add to your family’s comfort and enhance the value of the home. Many home buyers look for central heating and air conditioning systems, and updating an old home with this modern feature is a great way to increase the sale ability of any home.

-New roof – Many older homes can greatly benefit from the addition of a new roof. While a new roof is not an inexpensive home improvement, it can be a huge selling point when marketing any home. If the existing roof is showing its age, replacing it before major problems occur is a must. -Lighting fixtures – Unlike fixing the roof, installing new lighting fixtures is a very inexpensive home improvement project. Despite is low cost, however, the installation of new lighting products like ceiling fans, chandeliers or pole lights can do much to enhance the beauty and charm of any home.

-New bathroom – Installing a new tub or shower enclosure and new sink is a great and cost effective way to enhance the livability of any home. An old, cracked or worn bathtub is not only an eyesore, but it could create water damage as well. These days there are some excellent bathtub relining products which can give a new look to any bathroom at a very good price.

-New windows – The installation of new energy efficient windows can save lots of money on energy costs while greatly improving the beauty of a home. Particularly for older homes, the installation of new windows can be a very cost effective home improvement.

-Basement – Finishing an unfinished basement, or adding new rooms to an existing finished basement, is a great way to improve your family’s enjoyment of your home. A finished basement greatly increases the living space, and the value of any home.

-New wallpaper – Like paint, new wallpaper is one of the least expensive, yet most valuable, ways to make an old home look new. Many buyers of investment properties find that simply replacing old torn wallpaper or covering old paint with new fresh wallpaper can greatly enhance the appeal of the property.

-Hiring a decorator – An interior decorator or landscape architect can be a wise investment for any homeowner. A trained eye can spot many areas for improvement and make your home improvement budget stretch as far as possible.

-General cleanup – When making all those expensive home improvements, it is important not to overlook the value of general cleaning up. Keeping the interior and exterior of the home neat, clean and tidy can do as much to enhance the curb appeal, and value, of the home, as can the most expensive home improvement projects.


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