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Outdoor Garden Water Fountain

Outdoor Garden Water Fountains

Water gardens are becoming one of the most popular do-it-yourself landscape projects. Homeowners appreciate the boost in property value, not to mention the relaxing atmosphere! Water gardens can be designed to fit virtually any existing landscape, no matter how large or small while providing years of enjoyment. Prices start around $150 and go up into the thousands. Read more at University of Georgia

Urban and rural dwellers can bring the interest of water into their own backyards with a water garden (a miniature ecosystem created by growing and nurturing aquatic plants in a body of water). From a birdbath or small fountain to a large pond with waterfalls and fish, each water garden is unique. Water gardens are easy to install and maintain. Gardeners can introduce new plants, such as water lilies and lotus, into an existing landscape. Children spend hours enthralled by darting water denizens, and adults can spend many afternoons reading by a cooling fountain. Read more at Virginia Tech

Decorative water fountains are common architectural features in the Southwest, found in public plazas, malls, in front of government and office buildings and industrial plants, and in and outside private residences. Fountains come in all shapes and sizes, their waters variously displayed, from a slight trickle to a cascading flow to a gushing geyser. Read more at University of Arizona


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