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Best method of termite control

Excerpt: Because liquid treatments and bait treatments are used (and work) very differently, it is difficult to compare the two methods in terms of which one works "better". The current soil-applied liquid termiticides act essentially as chemical barriers to stop invading termites and kill the ones that are actively infesting the structure. Termites encounter these treated barriers during the course of their normal underground foraging ("food hunting") activities. Read more

Treatment Cost

Treatment Cost - the initial cost of the baiting system may be higher than that for a liquid treatment. Termite treatments, whether they're baits or liquids, are labor-intensive and based largely on the dimensions of the house. The size ("footprint") and complexity of the house's construction elements can affect both baiting and liquid treatments in similar ways, e.g., larger houses will require more soil-applied chemical or more bait stations in order to do the job compared to a house with a smaller footprint. However, the cost for a liquid treatment will be affected more significantly by factors such as the type of construction. For example, since liquid termiticides are applied to a vertical area of soil and must reach a certain depth (4' or the top of the footer, whichever is less), a basement house could cost as much as 4X more to treat compared to a crawlspace or slab house of the same size depending on how deep (below grade) the basement extends. Read more

More Termite FAQs

Question: I've had four companies bid on treating my house for termites. The estimates range from $300 to $1500. I am very confused. How do I make a decision about termite control companies? Answer: To make a determination about companies, you need to ask them to detail, in writing, how they are going to treat your house. If you do not have this information in writing, you will not be able to compare companies. ( continued termite control )

Question: Does the entire house need to be treated or can they just treat areas where I see termites? Answer: Subterranean termite colonies may contain hundreds of thousands of individuals, foraging in many different directions. For the homeowner, localized or "spot" treatments are generally a gamble except in cases of retreatment. Most reputable pest control firms will not warranty spot treatments, since it's likely that termites will eventually find other points of entry into the structure. Read more

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