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Help with Old Difficult Windows

If they rattle, fasten felt weather-stripping along edge; or drive a couple brass-headed tacks into side framework.

when they stick, rub cords or chains and grooves with paraffin; or apply a lubricating coat­ing to the sides of window (this seals pores of the wood and prevents swelling, especially in hot, damp weather), and letting snap back.

to prevent freezing shut in -winter sprinkle sills with a little salt.

to prevent small children from falling out, when un­screened, always open from top.

to prevent rain from seeping around storm windows use commercial elastic glazing compound which neither dries nor shrinks; usually obtainable from window glass dealer.

Window Panes

To prevent paint spatters when house is being painted, apply a thick coat of scouring powder to panes before painting is started; paint is easily removed with the powder.

to remove old, dried paint, rub glass with strong hot vinegar or strong solution of hot soda, leave on until almost dry; remove with woolen cloth; or scratch off obstinate spots with old razor blade; or use steel wool dipped in wood alcohol and in scouring powder.

to clean, wipe with rag dipped in melted paraffin and polish with tissue paper or chamois; or wash with soft cotton cloth dipped in clear, soft water and polish with cloth dipped in alcohol or kerosene. Never use linen for polishing windows or mirrors, as it leaves lint; or wash with clear water and polish with crumpled newspapers; or use commercial liquid or powder; for quick work, use an old automobile windshield wiper.

to prevent steaming, apply a little glycerin on inside of pane.

to prevent frost from forming, wipe glass with a solution of 1/2 cup rubbing alcohol to 1 quart water.

to prevent cuts never wash broken panes; replace them.

to prevent acid stains when stone or brick buildings are cleaned, spray panes with water.

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