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walk behind push mowers for sale
Walk-Behind Push Mowers

The simplest type of power lawn mower is basically a push mower with an engine - the engine then both rotates the cutters and drives the machine forward. In the last twenty or thirty years, it is also common to find this type of mower with an electric motor as the power source, though this has the disadvantage of requiring a trailing power cord which limits its range, so these are only useful for relatively small lawns close to a power socket. There is also the obvious hazard with these machines of the possibility of mowing over the power cable.

Mowing Your Lawn

Proper mowing is important in creating a good-quality lawn because it encourages a dense stand of grass plants. A dense turf keeps out weeds through competition for sunlight and nutrients. A weak, thin turf allows weed seeds to germinate and grow.
Read more at Clemson University

Mowing height is the key to keeping grass uniform and attractive. Most lawns in North Dakota are a mix of Kentucky bluegrass and red fescue. You should mow this type of lawn two to three inches above the soil line. Grass cut to this height shades the soil and helps keep weeds from establishing themselves. Shade also keeps the soil temperature cooler.
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Warmer temperatures and lack of moisture usually slow grass growth in summer. If moisture is adequate, cooler temperatures speed growth again in fall as plants store food in their roots.
Read more at Cornell University

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